Appointment Confirmation

Email Reading Clients:

Your reading will arrive at or before your scheduled time. You do not call Dr Foster for this reading.

Phone Reading Clients:

Thank you for booking your appointment with Dr. Foster. Please remember that you must call her at your appointment time.
She will be waiting at 515-834-3020
Dr. Foster does not call you.
If you must reschedule, do so before the scheduled time.
If you are late for your appointment, you will need to reschedule, as other appointments are scheduled and Dr. Foster does not want to take time away from anyone, including you.

Counseling Clients:

Appointments are conducted via video, at your scheduled time using a Mic and webcam. You can opt for a phone appointment if you wish.
Check in to the waiting room for your appointment. Dr Foster will see you waiting and accept your appointment. Please realize there are people ahead of you.