Life Coaching

This is a different aspect altogether of what Dr Foster attempts to achieve during sessions. You can purchase a 1 hour session of self-discovery and process honing. This is entirely counseling and coaching with Dr Foster. Please choose the type of Life Coaching session you prefer and continue. These are held via Video call or in-person at the West Des Moines, Iowa office.

Dr Foster employs theory to her practice that enables individuals to discover their past and history to better discover traumas that have occurred and are possibly unrealized, in an attempt to uncover current behaviors that are toxic or causing personal issue. The time spent with Dr Foster also enables individuals to discover their true path, purpose, and reasoning.

Dr Foster provides a safe place for all individuals, regardless of race or gender identification, including LGBTQ+ members who are out or questioning.

All services are provided via Virtual meeting so you are comfortable and feel safe.

30 minutes $75

1 Hour $160

1 Month Package (4) 1 hour sessions $540 with $100 savings