About Dr. Foster

Why Dr.?

Dr Foster earned her PhD in Health Sciences with a focus in Healthcare Administration. She taught as a professor with Indiana University for almost 10 years, and her position required that level of education. In addition to teaching at IUE, she assisted at Boise State University and Louisiana State Shreveport. Her education gave her the ability to complete research and studies which aided county health departments with information and knowledge to develop treatment programs for incarcerated, opioid-addicted individuals to help them maintain sobriety upon release from jail. The information and studies also helped to better community programs as well, and strengthen harm reduction pillars.  Coupled with her education, Dr Foster has served humankind for 38 years as a spiritual medium, passing on information to others, and retaining tacit knowledge that is only experienced and learned in the field.

Dr. Foster’s Approach

Dr. Foster uses her gift as a tool for God and Spirit to work through her like a channel or conduit. She works to guide others regardless of their financial station in life, never limiting access due to limited financial means. She believes her gift is to be shared while at the same time helping to support her cause.

Her Story in her own words

All the information you read below is because of God. I am His tool.

Please note that I cannot ‘magically come up’ with information if it is not given to me. If information is provided to me, I will give it to you. I cannot just “will-a-vision” or see something out of thin air….it is a GIFT of knowledge from God. It can be frustrating to some if I cannot see something, but that means, it is knowledge not needed by me or the query.

I have been providing spiritual guidance for 38 years. My entire life has dealt with the paranormal, and I set aside months of the year to transform and hine my gift for the purpose of better helping others, myself included. I am a light bringer and I receive my information from God. If I see a loved one who has passed on, I will give you their loving message. Keep in mind that those passed on do not give advice on your path, only God does that, I just repeat it all to you the best I can.
It started when I was very little and it has transformed over the years. God gave me a gift that many times I doubted and took a break from. He wanted to teach me the proper way to use it and the proper way to call on Him for guidance. I am learning still after all these years as any student should. Humility ensures that you are always only half-full. 

I am amazed when my clients tell me of the events that have occurred after their readings. I am still amazed that it is at all possible. I trust it and love it and truly love the help it gives people who are really in need.
It is a very exhausting process; therefore, I do not waste it on frivolous questions. I do not allow simple readings based on the desire to know about relationships and if Harry or Sally will come back into a person’s life. My readings are intended to help and guide, and I give the information that God wants you to know. He doesn’t want you to know everything…just what you need to know.
I am a channel for the Holy Spirit to speak through, and I also have the ability to speak to loved ones, be it your brother or pet, both living and passed over. I can hear the voices of those who cannot communicate on their own such as those with Alzheimer’s, who are in a coma state, or who simply cannot speak for various reasons.

If I see it… I speak it. It is meant for you to know.

Please know that my gift is not frivolous and I can only see things that are meant for you to know right now in life. If choices you make now will affect your future then I will see those too, such as a lifestyle or behavior.
When I read I only want your first name. I do not need , nor do I want to know anything else. All other information is leading.
I have many clients all over the U.S. and in many other countries. Some people come to me once a month. Others must be turned away to figure things out for themselves. I am honest and true. I have many references and a few testimonials for you to see. Please do not take below as boasting.

I feel that I need to share a few experiences with you so you can see that I have depth as a reader.
I was featured on Unsolved Mysteries for helping the police locate a missing man and his killer. The man showed me the way ; )
I helped a local police station in Illinois find a missing woman who had been murdered, with the young murder victim’s assistance.
A woman’s sister came through in a reading to tell her to switch drivers at dusk, when on vacation to prevent an accident. She listened and switched in time for a deer to run in front of her vehicle. She said her sister was there the whole time.
I read for a man’s wife. He was going to a holistic healer. He thought he was being treated for overactive adrenal glands. I insisted he go in and get his heart and main arteries checked. He was 90% blocked in both. Immediate surgery entailed. The doctor says he would have surely had a fatal heart attack.

I told a woman to go in and get her breasts checked, because when reading for her over the phone, my breasts started getting sore. She went in and found that the silicone implants she had were leaking into her system. Needless to say she had them removed.
I spoke to a little girl who had gone missing in Iowa and she told me where to find her. I contacted the sheriff’s department, and they found her the next day. I was identified as a man in a canoe. Information from “psychics” doesn’t hold up in court. Her murderer is still at large, partially due to proof, but she has met Jesus and everything is alright. I’m glad they found her.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, a woman was murdered by her husband. She came through a few days after they found her and told me everything. I recorded the session and gave it to the police there. He said, “Now we have to prove he did this.” They did and he has been charged.

You be the judge. I will gladly provide with as many references you ask for, and I have many other stories to share, but I hold back because I think that is boasting about myself. Maybe one day you will hear the stories from the mouths of the people themselves.

God Bless

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