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UPDATED 10/1/2022

Appointments begin on Monday August 29th. If this is a path that is highly sought after, then I may consider opening Thursdays and Fridays as well.

950 Office Park Rd, Suite 221, West Des Moines, IA 50265, United States Appointment Required

Dr Foster has added more slots on Thursday to the booking calendar. AND she was directed to lower prices during this time to allow more people the chance to get a reading. All prices were substantially lowered so enjoy God’s blessings.

Dr Foster has implemented a new Gift Certificate program through Giftfly. If you have a gift certificate that you wish to use and it is not from Giftfly, please contact Dr Foster to book the appointment for you.

There are several types of reading choices. DO NOT choose a Member’s Only Option if you are NOT a member. Your appointment will be canceled immediately and Dr Foster will NOT read for you in the future.


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If you have a business and would like it put on Spotlight, please email your information Here.

Please include business name, URL or website, and your story about how you got started, in addition to why you do what you do.

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Current Specials

1 Hour in-person readings and life coaching packages are available.

Current needs are not based on past problems.

Members Only

All members are accepted into the God’s Tool Membership pages and the Member’s Only group on Facebook. Please make sure you accept all emails from Contact@drrebeccafoster.com as sometimes they do in junk mail.

Members will pay $60 for the year and receive a 25% discount on all readings and purchases through GodsTool.com, discounts on VIP tickets and gear. This is a savings program for those of you who buy for self and for others. Please use the Member’s Only links when making purchases.

Also being offered as part of this package are video lessons, 1 every week on Monday, for 52 weeks to help individuals gain understanding and knowledge of personal growth, awakening, spiritual gifts, and purpose.

Coming Events

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Dr Foster is conducting a LIVE gallery at this event on Friday evening. Please check the linked website to purchase your tickets to this event with the gallery add-on.

Dr Foster regretfully will not be at this event due to a family occurrence. Please accept her apology as she loves to travel and meet people.


Tickets available HERE
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Day Speakers are SOLD OUT. Saturday Evening Dinner and Gallery with Dr Foster
Tickets Available Here

Dr. Foster is adding monthly events through 2022, so check the page for something in your area . Tickets are non-refundable. A personal reading is not guaranteed by purchasing a ticket.

Business Spotlight for October 2022!!!

Hi! I’m Sherri, and I’m glad you found your way to me. If you’ve come this far, most likely you are seeking answers. You may be feeling stuck, lost, in pain, heartbroken, at a cross-roads, confused, or simply are at the point where you want to manifest all good things in your life and you’re ready to level up and commit to becoming the best version of YOU!

Phone: 319-775-1542

Email: shasley44@yahoo.com


Sherri Hasley – Certified Life Coach

If you would like your business spotlighted, send your information to Dr Foster


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Inclusivity & Acceptance

LGB Help provided here as well. We are all God’s Children.


Here are a few shows I have been on and had regular roles reading people live. Check them all out and make sure to Like and Follow them too.

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Matty Blake, Ronny LeBlanc, Dr Foster, and Jeff Beyers recount their sasquatch experience in Ohio. Check out more Monsterland

Hang out with people who pray for you behind your back.

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Click the links above for the 3rd edition of The Beaches, which has been updated as of October 2021. The 1st and 2nd edition show the pink cover that everyone knows.

Rebecca’s newest book, God, Please Tie My Shoes, is now out on Amazon and ready for readers!!! Today it is #1 on the Hot New Releases chart and will hopefully reach those who need clarification of who they are and why they are here. 

Available as e-book for $.99 cents and paperback for $10.95, the least allowable by Amazon. The prices are set low to ensure that everyone has the chance to read it so, don’t be discouraged to read it because of the price. It is simply a means of getting the book out to millions of people inexpensively.


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