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This is a free will donation to Dr Foster & Team to make Free events happen for hundreds possibly thousands. Locations and travel cost money, and at the moment she personally is trying to fund as much as possible for the public to enjoy in terms of reality and spiritual healing. Any donation is accepted and appreciated. You will receive a letter of donation for tax purposes.

Dr Foster’s intent with donations:

  • Schedule free galleries across the US. Including JV Johnson and Britt Griffith speaking about the show and paranormal tech.
  • Travel expenses to locations.
  • Location rentals (so if you know of auditoriums willing to donate their space to us for free events, then let Dr Foster know!)
  • Locations can use our events for fundraisers for their own rehab projects and property upkeep.

Generosity of gifts is the name of the game here. And we can make anything possible when we work together

Dr Foster has added a 6-Month Reading Retainer to her services for businesses and business-people, life changers, recovering individuals, and anyone who needs full support for a few months. Only one retainer allowed per year.

If you have a gift card with a number like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx made up of numbers and letters from GiftFly, please contact Dr Foster to book your appointment. She is using a new calendar and they are not accepted at check out.

There are several types of reading choices. DO NOT choose a Member’s Only Option if you are NOT a member. Your appointment will be canceled immediately and Dr Foster will NOT read for you in the future.

Dr Foster’s books God, Please Tie My Shoes and The Beaches: A Journey of Answers are BOTH available on Audio Book. This has been a feat for sure.

The Beaches paperback, hardcover, or e-book! Other Author links are included here.

Currently Dr Foster is working with JV Johnson (Ghost hunters and TAPS, and Britt Griffith (Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International in a paranormal Trio on Paranormal Reality TV, and Filming across the nation in haunted locations, LIVE, and bringing the audience into the investigation as the directors. To get into each investigation, join us on Twitch.tv/paranormalrealitytv and FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE and get the chance to be on TV!!!!!!

Go to Twitch and FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE!! You may end up on the show for the world to see!!!!

Dr Foster does gallery readings on Tuesdays at 6 pm CDT and Medical Intuitive readings at 1 pm CDT Wednesdays on Twitch.

We are filming June 23/24 , July 21/22 and August 19/20 & 25/26, September, & October . We are going Live in between episode filming to do behind the scenes discussions with JV, Britt, and Dr Foster, as well as any guest investigators we have at that investigation. A subscription gets you ad-free viewing, private gallery readings every Tuesday night at 7EST, and much more.

Members Only get a 25% discount on readings and private events, private access to the Facebook group, and 52 weeks of lessons on how to hone your own spiritual gifts.

Private readings and gallery schedule Above.
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You will receive an EMAIL confirmation from Dr Foster upon purchase. You will not receive tickets via mail. Simply show up!

Please White List Contact@drrebeccafoster.com or check junk mail for this email.

Video on Youtube of Audio below

Hang out with people who pray for you behind your back.

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