Updated 12 February 2019

—–I sincerely apologize, but due to the weather in the Midwest that is heading to the NorthEast, my flights were cancelled and I am unable to make the Gallery at the B-Side Supper Club. I was intending on traveling on to Canada to attend the DeadByCon, but I took the several rebookings as a sign not to travel onward North, and did not accept the option to book a third time. I have learned to trust that little voice, or I would not be who I am today, and I would not be helping so many people. I am highly disappointed and saddened that this all happened, but everything is meant to be, and nothing happens by chance. If you purchased tickets to the B-Side Gallery, please contact the promoter regarding your tickets and the event. I am attempting to reschedule my appearance for a future, less snowy and hazardous day. Again, I ask the B-Side, promoters, DeadbyCon promoters and guests, and gallery attendees to please accept my most sincerest apology.

God Bless,

Dr. Rebecca Foster


—Rebecca will be launching a new gallery platform in February! Your private party will take on a whole new meaning!!!! To book a reading please contact Rebecca and she will confirm with an email containing directions on how to make this awesome party happen!!!!!


All gift certificates purchased prior to 12/31/18 must have been used by 12/31/18 at which point they were void. This includes all certificates won at galleries.

–Rebecca will not be scheduling any more private parties. Galleries and group readings will be done at specific events.

-Please make sure and read the Policies page before booking.

Stay Humble.






Special Guests Attending are Christopher Sutton – Shaman and Riverbend Paranormal

Listen on Friday July 5th to the Morning Mix with Jane E. Morgan and Jay Black on 94.7 FM at 8am CST and call in for a reading!!!! Stream online if you are out of the listening area!!!


Rebecca will be a guest on the Beyond Reality Radio Show the 1st Thursday of every month from 12 am-2am EST. Rebecca is very excited to have this opportunity to read for everyone who listens both on air and in the chat room! If you are not already a member, then get on the site below, join, IT’S FREE, and get in the chatroom too! Hope to see you there!
“Thank you to all who tuned in to www.BeyondRealityRadio.com and the chatroom! It was a blast and I love connecting with everyone. Thank you to Jason Hawes and JV Johnson for hosting me, and Eddy for booking me.”

If there are any unsolved crimes in your area, Rebecca would be happy to lend her insight. Who knows…maybe she can help. Read below for more police work she has taken part in and helped to recover victims.

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