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Helping You Transcend Perceptions by Shedding Light on Thoughts, Barriers, and Unopened Doors.

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Gain insight into your past, present, and future with a clairvoyant reading.

Dr Foster connects with your Higher Self to see what you are meant to do.

Some of the newest information coming through is a person's previous existence as human or other lifeform.

Discover your Current Purpose
Uncover Extraterrestrial Existences

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Discover the extraordinary world of the paranormal with Dr. Rebecca Foster, a clairvoyant medium with 38 years of experience.

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Whole Body Healing

Dr Foster has opened a business in Anamosa, Iowa comprising her gifts from God to help people heal wholly, mind, body and soul. Find out more here.

Spiritual Healing Sessions

Heal and balance your energy with spiritual healing sessions that connect you with the spirit world by receiving messages from God, Spirit Guides, and those passed over.

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