Children were playing in the doorway to the left at the end of the hall. One little person in particular is showing off his shoes, sox, top, pants, legs and arms. Close up below. It also appears that another child is sitting in front of him with her back against the wall towards the stairs. #Ashmore Estates
The officers who still reside on the Manassas Battlefields told us there were horses. And one showed up for us to view. Beautiful as it galloped across the brush.

You can’t see Albert here as he was hiding on the other side of the lattice,
but a close up shows you just how sneaky he was! Below is his close-up. Shaved hair cut, glasses, eyes, nose, mouth. This was the ghost of Albert. A 15-year-old boy who once lived at Ashmore Estates.
Looking up the stairs from the boiler room at Ashmore Estates. The figure appears to be a nun in a long gown with flowing arms…and quite tall. This was Kid’s Day during the daylight hours September 2018.
This video was made at the Washington County Courthouse in Wisconsin. We were in the basement and my husband, son, and I were on a tour. A little girl followed us through the tour and you can watch as she lights up the EMF detector to holding Red for quite a while until I count to 3 and we let go together.
This video was taken after the tour in the Washington County Court House in Wisconsin. At 23:43 you hear a loud scream and it was audible to the ears. At 23:51 there is more yelling. At 24:21 my son comes in to see if it was me yelling.
Hilarious video when I did a night gallery at Ashmore Estates with my son Bradley. At 25:26 we were talking about our dog just having puppies and it appears that Elva’s puppy was running in the room next to us. I truly thought an animal had entered the building. Give me a ghost any day.

My children and I decided to go talk to a child in the basement after he followed my husband and I home from the Old Baraboo Inn a few weeks ago. His name is Gabriel and he has been very open about his presence. We spent 12 minutes and 37 seconds talking to him on video using an EMF detector as well for responses. He was very active. We caught amazing EVPs from him and a woman.

:30 Aubrey asks, Where did you life? and he responds with a whimper
2:28 The kids had been asking if he wanted to stay or go and were going back and forth. You hear him hum a song.
2:37 Aubrey asks Gabriel, have you always lived at the Baraboo Inn? and he responds with yea?!
2:43 After asking if he lived with his Aunt Edith, you hear a woman say Noooooo. in a deeper voice.
2:56-3:03 there is muffled voices that are hard to discern, but obvious.

Gabriel was talking to me and Heather. I mentioned his Aunt Edith and you hear her say, I was just trying to work, in response. It was quite amazing. #OldBarabooIn
I was in the basement going through my soaps, lotions, and chapsticks and Gabriel speaks right away

At :13 you hear a boy mumble something, but I am not sure if it is What is it? or I want one. :57 you hear ummmm crackling starts 1:17 woman says mmmmmm crackling stops at 1:25
I could see them moving and it was dark, but caught a small amount of light around them both.

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