COVID has ruined a year of fun events and Cons. Things are on an upswing though, so more events are in the works. Keep checking back for notification of events in your area.

ALL TICKET PURCHASES WILL SHOW UP ON YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT AS COMPLETED BY DR_REBECCAFOSTER_CO or REBECCAFOSTERCO . Please also watch your junk box for your tickets as they are printable and you will receive a confirmation via email.   Dates are subject to change.  

To book Dr Foster at a convention or event, please contact her TALENT MANAGEMENT

October  2020

16th – Private Zoom Gallery for a limit of 10 People.

17th – Private Zoom Gallery for a limit of 10 People.

31st – Gallery and Ghost Tour of LaGrange Winery in Haymarket, VA Tickets available through the winery. Limited to 25 Tickets available on their website

November  2020

December  2020

8th – “X” Zone Radio TV Show with Rob McConnell at 9pm CST Link to be provided Here.