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Paranormal Consultations Available Now

Dr Foster will come to a location at no cost to evaluate paranormal issues and experiences. She will also help families with children at no cost, to unveil what may be bothering or disrupting a family and home.


Dr Foster DOES NOT call you for phone appointments. You must sign the appointment contract provided via your email address. You must call Dr Foster at your scheduled time. Please check your junk mail immediately after booking. It will come from Square Appointments.

If you are 5-minutes late, your appointment must be rescheduled to respect other client's appointment times, and to ensure you get your full paid slot. This is a ONE-TIME grace that Dr Foster offers. Further missed appointments are void.

Readings are non-refundable.

In-Person appointments must be rescheduled no later than 8am the morning of the appointment. If an in-person appointment is missed, it is non-refundable and will not be rescheduled. A new appointment must be booked. Exceptions are weather related such as a bad winter storm. Not having a ride is not an excuse for taking up my time and a slot that someone else could have booked.

Dr. Rebecca Foster connected me with my late grandfather in a way that brought me peace. Her insight and guidance are truly remarkable.

brown and white paper on gray wooden surface
brown and white paper on gray wooden surface