Meet Dr. Rebecca Foster:

Dr. Rebecca Foster, with 38 years of experience, is a renowned clairvoyant medium. Specializing in communicating with ghosts, fairies, aliens, and more, she offers unique insights and connections to the paranormal world.

Experience the Unseen Realms

Dr Foster has spent the majority of her life dealing with the paranormal. Her gifts started when she was four years old and after a time of attempting to forget what she saw and felt, she opened up to the abilities to see, hear, smell, and communicate with energies from different dimensions and time lines.

Dr Foster is gifted with the ability to see past lives, current situations, and future events. She is a medical intuitive, remote viewer, animal communicator, author, and public speaker. She obtained her PhD in health sciences so she could teach at the university level, and during her doctoral education, she focused on incarcerated individuals who dealt with heroin and opioid addictions. Dr Foster travels the country conducting live gallery reading events, speaking to groups both public and private, and sharing her gifts as freely as she can afford.

She published five books that can be found on Amazon and that are listed on the HOME page, to include her published study on heroin addicted individuals and their sobriety upon release from jail.

Dr Foster has personal experiences with ghosts, demons, the hell-bound, sasquatch, fairies, trolls, and aliens. These are no joke to her as she has firsthand experience with them all. They are all real, and although most humans cannot see them, they exist right in front of us at all times.

Dr Foster believes in helping people to hone their own abilities, which we all have, providing tools to help people help themselves, and in whole body healing. She has opened a shop to specifically deal with this aspect of Earthly living. Here she provides readings (spirit), life-coaching (mind), tattoo therapy (body) that together can aid a person in becoming their purposed selves. Dr Foster also provides free tattoos to people who need scars covered, especially those from cutting, mastectomy, or events that need to be laid to rest beautifully.

Dr Foster has been mentioned on Unsolved Mysteries, as a person who helped locate a missing/deceased individual.

She has helped police locate missing individuals who were kidnapped, murdered, or of unknown disappearance. She has used pets who witnessed foul play to identify who committed crimes and what happened where, resulting in convictions of the perpetrators.

Dr Foster has over 60,000 readings under her belt and counting.

Please keep in mind that Dr Foster is not a magician, nor can she make anything happen. She will not make anything up to make you comfortable or happy, and will always give you what she is given by God, Spirit Guides, and those passed over. Dr Foster does not consult the dead; however, she will pass on whatever they need you to know. With that in mind, she cannot make the deceased come through. This is up to them and the cost of energy for them to make contact, which is great and difficult.

Thank you for your consideration and God Bless.

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Dr. Rebecca Foster connected me with my late grandfather in a way that brought me peace. Her insight and guidance are truly remarkable.

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brown and white paper on gray wooden surface