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Updated April 6,  2021

PLEASE READ::::Dr Foster has opened the calendar again. Please notice the new hours.


Dr Foster will be opening a new side to her practice. For those seeking counseling rather than clairvoyant readings*, she will spend 1 hour with clients who wish to work through problems, barriers, and issues towards positive growth in the here and now. She will work to enable clients to strengthen and empower themselves to be the best they can be. These meetings will be done via doxy.me in a face-to-face fashion rather than over the phone. When this aspect of practice is ready, a link will be provided HERE.

*Clients partaking in the counseling/life coaching aspect, cannot dually book clairvoyant readings as the two are separate and serve different purposes.


Dr Foster is limiting social media connections. Her private groups are open for now; however, all places will be streamed to this website. Connecting with individuals is important and some are missed due to the massive amount of emails, messages, and private messages. Please visit the Comment and Feed page for a direct connection to Dr Foster. Tiktok readings are also on hold for now.

Dr Foster will be attending Kid’s Day at Ashmore Estates on May 1st. Please visit the Events page for link information and tickets.

Purchase tickets to the VIP event from 6:30pm – 2am with Dr Foster for an open investigation, speaking event. 6:30pm -9pm lights on and investigate in the light. 10pm lights out until 2am. What is there in the dark, is there in the light.

Ticket link HERE


God made everyone perfectly. All of us perfectly imperfect. But perfection is in the eye of the beholder. What one person finds perfect, another may find in need of work. So look at things and people as God does…Perfectly made by Him as He intended….not as you deem perfect, as you are imperfectly perfect as you are.

“I can only hope that I am using my abilities in a way that makes my God proud. To serve Him by serving ALL of His children, regardless of their stations.” – Dr. Rebecca Foster

A whole new member’s area has been constructed and more is to come!!! Become a member and take part in private galleries, discounted readings, and much more private time with Dr Foster. She takes her members seriously.




It is tax season so I am sure everyone can come up with a few dollars!!!! Donate on Facebook or GofundMe WigsFor Kids or Lost Limbs Foundation

Or directly on Facebook and all money goes straight to the organization. Please make sure you write your name in comments so you can be added to the drawings below.

A .25cent donation x 7200 people is $1800. or $1 for 12,000 people reaches the goal!!! Can I get 12,000 people to donate $1 ???? Please share this.

Everyone who donates and writes Donated below will be entered in a drawing at every $1000 level for a private party via zoom or in person depending on location, weather, and travel. All donors here and in the WigsforKids fundraiser will remain in the drawing for each level. _________________________________________



All members are accepted into the God’s Tool Membership pages and the Member’s Only group on Facebook. Please make sure you accept all emails from Contact@drrebeccafoster.com as sometimes they do in junkmail.

Members will pay $50 for the year and receive a 15% discount on all readings and purchases through God’s Tool.com, discounts on in-person galleries and VIP tickets, and gear. This is a savings program for those of you who buy for self and for others. Please use the Member’s Only links when making purchases.



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Dr. Foster is adding monthly events through 2021, so check the page for something in your area .


Rebecca’s newest book, God, Please Tie My Shoes, is now out on Amazon and ready for readers!!! Today it is #1 on the Hot New Releases chart and will hopefully reach those who need clarification of who they are and why they are here. 

Available as e-book for $.99 cents and paperback for $10.95, the least allowable by Amazon. The prices are set low to ensure that everyone has the chance to read it so, don’t be discouraged to read it because of the price. It is simply a means of getting the book out to millions of people inexpensively.

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