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Updated 11 APRIL 2018


- Reading slots were added for Thursdays April 26 - May 31 for times of 1:30-3pm CDT. Rebecca will reconvene them in the fall.





Thank you to all who tuned in to www.BeyondRealityRadio.com and the chatroom! It was a blast and I love connecting with everyone. Thank you to Jason Hawes and JV Johnson for hosting me, and Eddy for booking me.

Check out Beyond Reality Radio (BRR)!! It is a very cool station that airs all topics from readers to aliens, bigfoot to numerology.




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Ghost Hunting

Rebecca was asked to partake in a ghost hunt and do the initial walk-thru so the team knew where to set up cameras. The little boys in the house showed her around and told her everything that used to happen here. Little Joey appeared in a picture where he was hiding in the rafters, then the next frame he was simply an orb. He then said HI twice into Rebecca's microphone. You can see the pics here...hear the audio At 39 and 41 seconds you hear the children say HI.


He is the light ball orb here.

If there are any unsolved crimes in your area, Rebecca would be happy to lend her insight. Who knows...maybe she can help. Read below for more police work she has taken part in and helped to recover victims.

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