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Updated 15 August 2018


Rebecca will be doing a Gallery at AshBash 2018 so check out times and get your tickets on the events page, as they will go very fast! Half of all proceeds from the ASHBASH Gallery is going to #LostLimbsFoundation

Stay Humble!


-- When purchasing tickets to galleries, there is no guarantee that Rebecca will read you that evening. Everyone is provided with raffle tickets, and names are drawn throughout the night to ensure fairness to all seating arrangements since tickets are kept at the same price throughout the gallery. In addition, at all events, Rebecca draws tickets for her book, and for free private readings. Events are not put on by the venue rather by Zero Dimension Productions. Please Click Here if you wish to contact the production company with any questions about venues or how readings are completed.

Rebecca will be a guest on the Beyond Reality Radio Show the 1st Thursday of every month from 12 am-1am EST. Rebecca is very excited to have this opportunity to read for everyone who listens both on air and in the chat room! If you are not already a member, then get on the site below, join, IT'S FREE, and get in the chatroom too! Hope to see you there!

"Thank you to all who tuned in to www.BeyondRealityRadio.com and the chatroom! It was a blast and I love connecting with everyone. Thank you to Jason Hawes and JV Johnson for hosting me, and Eddy for booking me."



Meet Rebecca and join one of four galleries October 26-28 at Turning Stone in Verona, NY


If there are any unsolved crimes in your area, Rebecca would be happy to lend her insight. Who knows...maybe she can help. Read below for more police work she has taken part in and helped to recover victims.

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