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If you’re seeing this…

You Received a Give-Away from Dr Foster – PLEASE READ IN ENTIRETY.

You are only allowed ONE reading per person. Do not be stingy. Our booking system will pick up on all personal information and Red Flag your appointment, at which time both appointments will be deleted and your profile blocked.

Please make sure you keep this number, date and time in a safe place. Dr Foster will send out a reminder to the email provided, so ensure you have in your email whitelist.

The number for your reading is 515-834-3020. You must call Dr Foster at your scheduled time.

TO SAVE TIME, Dr Foster will have you know that 15 minutes flies by, so in order to get to the important information quickly she would ask that you let her know if you would prefer a spiritual focus (Spiritual path/purpose, direction, meaning) or an Earthly focus (life, health, money, relationship).

Dr Foster asks that you simply let her know spiritual or Earthly, no questions at that point. You will be allowed to ask questions at the end of the call to confirm or clarify what she has said.
Information comes from God, Spirit guides, and those passed over. She does not question the dead, simply provides messages from them. The messages come through symbolically, so first she will explain what she is being shown and then what it means.

These are free and do not result in refunds from missed appointments. Missed appointments cannot be rescheduled. It is up to you to ensure you do not miss this appointment.


AND Thank God for this reading, not Dr Foster. He is the One who inspired and provided the strength to do all of them.