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One of my major passions is ensuring that those who feel unloved by humans understand that they are loved by God, Spirit, Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Alah, Ganesh….all One Creator.

If you have an event idea in mind, please EMAIL here with the details! Dr Foster would LOVE to conduct a gallery in support of the LGB community.


Many LGB people feel rejected not only by their families, but by religion based on what is perceived, rather misinterpreted, in the bible and other religious texts.

I can say with FULL knowledge, that God LOVES YOU regardless of who you love. You are a child of God, He is in you or you would not have a soul, a conscience, a Jiminy Cricket if you will. You would not know right from wrong, have a moral compass, feel pain, remorse, or give any cares in the world. You would not have passion, desire, hopes, dreams, visions, or know love at all. GOD provides all of these ‘chemical’ and scientific reasonings through Spirit.
As a human, you may know how to add, calculate, create a list, understand, comprehend, have sight, hear, touch, taste, and grow; however, without Spirit in you, you could not see, listen, feel, grasp, or rise above. God makes everything possible, and although science and chemistry can explain things one way, know there is an entirely spiritual, cosmic, and paranormal way of considering things.

When you are feeling alone, judged, pushed away, rejected, hopeless, or unloved…PLEASE know that God is there. Let me tell you this.

I have been reading people FOR GOD for 36 years. I relay messages and feelings from the other side, not to get rich, or become famous, but because He wants me to. Many times people find that things they took as coincidence are actually real, placed in front of them at the perfect time, and once picked up or tread upon, open up into beautiful sceneries to walk through. It just takes trust.

The religious believe that God makes all people, for He knew you in the womb…and they also know and proclaim that God does not make mistakes. Remember that. I have never read for anyone and heard, Hey! Rebecca! I am not helping that person! They are gay!….it doesn’t happen. Rather, He pulls them in closer. And…I do 99% of my readings over the phone so it isn’t like I get visual cues as to what someone looks like or the manner in which they carry themselves. He just speaks and I repeat.

Speaking to someone about your feelings will also help. Not only does talking provide someone with the ability to help you, it allows you to hear your own words and sometimes come to your own conclusions or realizations. That little voice you hear or talk to is there to help you better yourself, guide you, and bring to light pathways you may be fighting.

Only listen to the good thoughts and voices.

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Knowing that you have God in your heart, mind, and soul, makes it easier to deal with the day. When you question something, you just think it…and you get the answer. Remember that anything negative is NOT from God and that includes any thoughts about self that are bad or harmful to think.


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