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The website was updated today. It is just one of the changes coming in 2019 for me and my family, friends, and clients. There are many ways to reach people and innovation is not to be left out of growth.  I know firsthand that some people learn and understand better not just by reading, but also by hearing, and visually seeing. I am going to bring forth a means of readings that are not only personal, but indelible, and I am very excited about where God is taking me. I have found that He has given me countless resources to make this happen, and all I have to do is be me.

I have removed myself and my own direction from the equation and have given Him full reign over my life and purpose. I now see exactly where I have to go with the help of my husband, Kim, and David, and they all see the same things in different places, different times, and different conversations. I am ecstatic to see what comes, and this is just the beginning!!!! Stay tuned here and on my social media sites as we move through all the Earthly drudgery together!!! God Bless!!!!!

Dr Foster

Author: Dr Foster

Dr Foster is a clairvoyant medium with 33 years experience reading people's energy, past and current live, health status', animals, and future possibilities.

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