Scheduling and Purchasing

All Readings are in CST...So..if it is 9am EST, it is 8am CST, 7am MT and 6am Pacific


One-on-One Personal Readings

ALL readings will follow this outline

I schedule readings Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 6-7pm CST. Please see above time zone chart and BE ON TIME. I am crazy about being on time. If you call late I will reschedule with you for another time. 

I DO NOT call you as a reminder... Please call 920.583.7000 for your reading.

Below you will find 15 and 30 minute readings, as well as Buy3Get1 and Buy5Get1. These BOGOs are limited and only a few are allowed.

Please email any questions

My gift is from God. He gave me this talent, and as stated in the bible, I am to use this talent and benefit others, as well as increase with it. I never turn a person away who is in need, and I always listen to Him as He directs me. I am fair in my cost, as this takes a lot of time and energy away from my family. I ensure that many receive Free readings throughout the year and donate and give away, as my way of tithing. I do not believe this gift is a way of getting rich, nor do I believe I am supposed to be stingy with it, so I share it as much as possible. I hope you enjoy your reading, as much as I enjoy providing it. God Bless.



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Gallery Reading purchases are for phone parties only. The 180 Minute purchase can be used at your discretion, and given away at your choosing of times. I will keep track of all minutes used.


FOR Over-the-Phone GALLERIES

I do group readings via phone. You put me on speaker and I read for people in the group. Examples: 8 people will each get about 5-7 minute readings, 12-15 people will get about 3 minutes each, and 16 or more means that not all will be read, BUT I try my best to not leave people out.

$20 per person ahead of time. There is no order of whom I read other than the energy that is coming through. It is a lot of fun, but I suggest 8 people so everyone gets read and there is still a lot of discussion time.

I schedule these during the week so please contact me if the time you need is not available on the Booking Calendar.

Please choose the quantity based on how many will take part in the party.

Speaking engagements/Company Groups 10- Unlimited

Speaking Presentations : To speak for a company to its employees about transformation, leadership, growth, personal choice, tribulations, and compassion in relation to bettering one's business, prospects, life, and personal skills. $80 an hour, with limited personal readings.

Fundraising groups: (This must be specified upon booking. My fee will be $80 an hour and the business/group can keep the rest made for their own use. Charge a fee at the door for attendees as a fund raiser. NOT everyone in the group is read. This setting is fun, information and enlightening.

Business Building: If you would like to offer a gallery reading to bring in business, the fee is $20 per person at the door. Businesses keep $5 of that fee for food/wine/favors. Not everyone is read depending on the turnout, but it is a great time and everyone enjoys the experience.


Personal Groups of 4-11

$20 each (5-10 minutes per person). Each person will get a reading of spirit/earthly happenings as to what comes through first. Time flies so I do my best to cram it in. If you have more than 11 people, all pay, but all may not be read. Everyone asks questions in the end.


Half-way house, Safe-house, CFR, YWCA or Educational setting (school program)

I will not charge you. I do personal and group settings here for no fee. Please state this upon making your appointment.



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