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A LOVELY letter I had to share: 13 Sept 12

Dear Rebecca:

I have to admit that when the first "Rebecca Foster craze" hit the YWCA, I was a little skeptical. Do you remember doing the program at the Vincent House? That was the night I first saw you. I was awed by the reaction of the young woman whose deceased husband followed her through the door (we didn't know that, but you did). I don't know her and don't presume to know what she felt when you told her he was nearby, but it had to lift an amazing weight off her soul. When death separates those we love, we urgently want to believe there is more, but few of us have the insight to delve into our own souls to find that reassurance. We all shared the amusement of the resident spirit at the house who tapped impatiently on his watch to let you know he was ready for all of us to be gone.

You had a session scheduled for the clients here at the YWCA a few days later, and I sat in on that as well. Again, the reaction was so raw and so real! The tears! The wringing of hands, the deeply held secrets that exploded into the present that day made my mind reel. I remember that some of the women wanted you to tell them that things would be fine - that all the circumstances that had brought them here would miraculously go away and life would be wonderful. You didn't give them that; what you gave them was insight into the people they could become. Some of the things you said to others felt like they should have been said directly to me, and I felt my own stinging tears as I let myself remember and think back over my life.

I still remember what you said when you came to the office to do my reading. Initially I could almost feel the breeze on my face as we stood on my beach and you talked about my flowing dress, the waves lapping over my feet and commented that I was a risk taker looking out over a potentially dangerous and deadly sea. As we walked into each room along the path that led from my beach, I was amazed at how astute your perceptions were. I don't remember the rooms by name any more, but in one of my rooms you told me I was holding up the building (the YWCA?) while others stood back, watching. I'd certainly felt like that was true some days, but I'd never recognized that others might see me as the building's savior. You also warned me of a man who wanted me to sign a paper, and urged me to think carefully about that decision. I knew almost immediately what the significance of that image was. There was an individual who wanted to be the Clinical Director here. He was arrogant and self-indulgent and he valued himself far above the value he could bring to our program. I didn't sign the contact and we eventually did discuss his ambitions. I was able to be gracious but also rational as we discussed his needs in contrast to the potential for him here. We are still friends, though I doubt he thinks back fondly on the conversation where he admitted his greed, his laziness, and his own realization that the job he sought was neither possible or likely to serve his huge ego.

You told me I would be fine financially, and I have been. You told me I would spend a lot of money, and I did. I sold the house I was living in because it held no happy memories for me, and I purchased a lesser house where I could learn to be happy again. I don't struggle with my motives; I think they were spot on. There is something, though, I can't quite get my arms around with this new home. Sometimes it feels like self-doubt, but more often it feels like I should be doing something more. I don't know what that means.

I still shiver as I think of you leading me into my private place where my soul goes to revitalize itself. You told me there was a man there in that room. It's funny, but I don't remember exactly what you said about him. But you told me that when I am beaten down, tired and about to give up, this good man puts his arms around me and his arms turn into angel's wings. I don't know that I had ever told you my husband was dead; even if you knew he was deceased, you would not have known the level of commitment we shared with one another. What you told me made me cry, but for one of the only times since his death, those were tears of relief. There is something beyond all of this; love lost isn't lost forever, and this interim period can be tolerable knowing that someday we will be together again. My good Methodist training had told me that was so; the mental health counselors had said that grief's sharp edges dull with time; the look some people sometimes give me tells me they wonder when I will get over this (as if I ever could or ever would want to let the other half of my soul fade away).

Sometimes, Rebecca, I feel like sands have shifted a bit on my beach. I wonder if there is more I should know. I have tried to open myself up to my mind - to let the spirits I love be accessible to me if they want to be. Once I have seen Ed in my dreams - you don't know how much I prayed for that to happen. I don't want to believe it's simply a manifestation of my mind that can be wished for and eventually acquired. Perhaps you can reassure me; of course, I want to be able to recognize a mirage as well. If it isn't real, I can live with that just for the sense of oneness with my love I have felt since that happened.

I know there are people in your new world who need you deeply. You can share whatever I have written as a testimonial if you wish. Or you can allow them to contact me for a personal recommendation. Either would be fine. I would prefer contact with others come to my work e-mail or phone because my public identity seems like a safer route to expose. I put that decision in your capable hands.

When I contacted your web site your message was that you were taking a break and studying so that your work would be its best when you decided to begin again. I just looked again at the Web Site and you've done some remodeling. I don't remember all the detail in the information I saw previously. I can tell you I will be ordering your book, and I would like to schedule a reading whenever it works best for you. In the meantime, I hope this information helps you in some way to further your work and to reach those who need you.

It was GREAT to get to talk to you.



Please send me your feedback. I will add it to my website. Also if you know of anyone who is gifted, contact me and I will add them to my website. They will have to prove their abilities, without the use of tarot cards, crystal balls and/or any other form of divination. I will endorse true mediums with God given gifts. Thank you.

Hi Rebecca!
I just wanted to let you know that I KNOW you are the real thing. God has given each of us gifts to help others. Only someone who doesn't have a strong relationship with God would doubt that. We are all His spirit children who have come to earth to experience being human. That's what I believe, anyway. I am thankful for you. You helped me through the most difficult time in my life, and asked nothing in return. I feel that God led me to you. I will keep you in my prayers. When He closes a door, He opens a window. No doubt, He has bigger plans for you to use your gift. He has blessed me a great deal. My little granddaughter, who was only with us for 15 months changed the lives of her parents for the better. Now that her baby sister has arrived, my son and daughter in law have their priorities straight, and are better parents to little E and K. God has given my son strength and wisdom he lacked in dealing with K's mother (different mother from previous relationship). Hopefully, in time, God will touch her heart, and she will see the error of her ways. Thank you, again, for your help and support. You certainly have mine. Sincerely, CC
Cheryll here!
Rebecca, I just had to write to you and say 'thank you', from the bottom of my heart for my reading with you early this morning!!!
You are truly a Blessing from God above and I feel such peace and love from your words.
I would love to hear back from you, once you have seen and talked with Bruce. Don't forget to deliver what I asked you to, ha!!!
God Bless You!!!
Cheryll xoxo's
Comments: Dear Rebecca, thank you for helping me, you gave me a very intense reading over the phone, I have been through a lot of heart break, but your right about relying on God! It is really helping me get through my problems, to feel better, to get up each day! But I wanted to tell you, in your reading, you mentioned my grandfather was watching me or at least talked to me, well a couple weeks ago I had the feeling I alone, and I have seen a man's shadow outside of my home, each time I looked again it was gone. But I wasn't scared! My oldest daughter said she saw someone in my youngest child's room, but I didn't even tell her about my reading! It is a great comfort for me to know I'm not alone! I'm so glad my friend introduced me to you!

Full Name: Terri
Hi Rebecca!
I just wanted to pop in and give you a small update on my life. A lot has happened since our last conversation on 12/7/2007!!!
First of all, GOD is AWESOME!!! I trust him with everything that is happening in my life. I talk to him every night. Anyways, last week I was so worried
about how I was going to put gas in my car (super short on cash) before I got paid. So I talked to God and I told him that I know he will find a way for me to be able to put gas in my car. That Monday, I got a call from one of my vendors who I submit a football pool in once a week, and they informed me that I won first place and that included $50.00!!! Just enough to put gas in my car! I thanked him to no end on that.
Then today, I just got back from court, we had our initial status conference today and Brian wanted my son every weekend plus an additional day during the week. I wasn't comfortable with that so in the end, he finally agreed with me about 2 nights a week!!! My lawyer did an awesome representing me. I'm thankful for that too!
Thank you so much for helping me realize that God IS here for all of us and if we call upon him, he will answer.
Merry Christmas and if I don't talk to you before the new year....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Comments: Rebecca, you are truly an amazing and talented psychic. I have always been someone who was a bit skeptical about the whole 'psychic' thing, but after speaking with you, I know that not only are you the real deal, you have amazing gifts given to you from God. I would recommend you to anyone! It is amazing to see someone who has worked so hard to develop a beautiful gift, and then used that gift to directly benefit those who are weary and seeking help. Through your gift, I have received peace and understanding in my life. I pray that God will give you strength to continue on in your important work, you touch so many lives!

Full Name: Melissa M.
Interests: reading, yes
I just wanted to say "Thank You" for that wonderful reading yesterday. I came away with a peace of mind that I haven't had in such a long time. I had the honor, many years ago, of using a personal psychic/trans-medium to keep me on my chart so to speak. Unfortunately, she passed away about 8 years ago. I have been looking for someone ever since, to no avail. I am thrilled to no end that I have found you. I always have been able to pick up on people's energy very strongly, but I still cannot figure out why I developed a block for my abilities I had in my formative years. I am comforted to know that there is someone else out there that truly understands me, and that I am not a few fries short of a happy meal. Just to validate the link to female healers in my lineage: My maternal great-grandmother was a Cure-all and Midwife in the early 1900's, and she followed the calling placed before her by several female blood relatives. My grand-mother seems to look a little better these last 2 days, but I am curious if it is the "Sudden Burst of Energy"? I would like to be able to contact you on a more regular basis (maybe once every 2-3 months) for phone readings. Please let me know if this would be at all possible.
Many Blessings,
Carmen W. in TX
This is a friend who found me on the travel channels Most Haunted website. Jan 9, 2006
1. (Him) Hi, posted on MH site but then read that you'd rather get an email:
Hi Rebecca, my dad passed years ago, I've been sick ever since with different ailments and keeps getting worse. Feel like "bad" is following. I'm young but feel I may only have a couple years left. Just a feeling. Would appreciate any insight, or help. Thanks.
2. (Me)
Instantly saw that in a past life you and your father, your then brother, died in a boating accident. This time around he went without you and you are feeling residual effects of the tragedy of your past life. March will be a big month of getting over things. You are not crazy, you really are feeling ill, but....you can correct them by meditating on green healing light.
Your father comes through with a "B" initial. Not sure why. He also mentions what sounds like Tiffany. And William. Hm...looks like upper east coast. Maine, Mass, New York areas.
Did you or your father ever have any fears or love of water? It can be either one, but definitely decided feeling.
Have you ever had any memories of something like that, but were unsure why? How about the Navy? There is a definite connection to the water in this life too.
Know that you can get better. You are simply feeling the detachment of losing your father. I hear Simon????? I will look something up online real quick. I am hearing West Chester...hang on and I'll see if anything comes up on Google. If it does I'll include a link. Hang on.
Funny...when I search William, Tom, Simon, etc...they come up as passengers on the Titanic that died in a family unit. HMMMM..Gives me the chills.
Sage, John
Sage, Annie
Sage, Stella
Sage, George
Sage, Douglas
Sage, Frederick
Sage, Dorothy
Sage, William (child)
Sage, Ada (child)
Sage, Constance (child)
Sage, Thomas (child)
Who knows.... How do you feel about the Titanic? Are you enthralled? Curious? We will find ourselves attracted to certain things from our past lives intensely. I see you being ok. Call me sometime and I'll give you a meditation that may help you connect to your past.
3. (Him)
Thanks for the fast response! Oh man, my adopted father, whom I asked you about, is named William, but called Bill his whole life! My adopted name is Thomas John Ryan, (2 names on the Titanic list) My adopted parents are from upstate New York too! They both met in Washington DC, adopted me and moved to a beach resort town in Delaware so we grew up living with a bay in our backyard and 3 blocks from the ocean. My parents weren't big swimmers but I was. I have always loved water, but I get seasick and I have always had a fear of drowning so it's a weird combo. I used to have nightmares about drowning, and quite frequently. I still do sometimes; my worst fear is not being able to breath and always had a feeling that might be the way I go since I'm not sure why I've been so obsessed with it my whole life. Whenever I see movies or tv shows about Titanic or other shipwrecks, it freaks me out and I find myself holding my breath unconsciously. I've always had to "remember" to breathe because I tend to not use my full lung capacity.
Don't know about a Tiffany, Simon, or the Navy though. My biological brother is a marine and was on a Navy ship every year for the last 5 years
My father and I didn't really have a good relationship. He had a "problem" that's created a huge amount of animosity in me towards him, and I'm still very angry at him and can't seem to get over it. It's a big reason I looked for and found my birth family about 5 year ago. I've always wanted/tried to get away from them.
March is my birth month and also about the time I have planned to more to California to be with my birth family. Actually planning on Feb. but it's still up in the air depending on how my kidney test comes out this week. It's a complicated story about how I found my biological family; I won't bore you with it, but I've always felt drawn to the West coast, wondered who my biological relatives were, and mad that they gave me up. So I found my biological family a few year ago. I didn't move out to CA sooner because my adopted mother is an emotional wreck and worse since Bill died.
In the mid nineties a psychic told me meditation would "be the way" for me and I've done it off and on since then. I'll try meditating on green healing light.
Thanks for the info. When I get to California I'll pay for a reading.
4. (Me) ...You gave me the chills reading this. I am terribly happy for you that you found your family. I hope it helps you to heal.
Your father is with you. Please don't fret over that.
I would love to give you a reading some time. Good luck and God Bless. About the kidney...I feel an incision.
You will have some treatment it feels in February. You will be fine though.
I think you will start to heal now that you know why your energy has been so pent up.
5. (Him)
Rebecca, Something else you got right. :
My adopted father was born and raised in upstate New York , and went to MIT for college …Massachusetts Institute of Technology-I had forgotten that. I don't know of any connection to Maine, but 2 of the 3 states you mentioned were right, and I'll ask my mom if' Maine has any significance; without telling her about you, of course. My father wasn't a swimmer, but he was no doubt drawn to water. After a particularly stressful job in Washington DC , he retired from the Army and moved us to the beach. I remembered he used to like to sit out on our porch and look at the bay with morning coffee, or on a day off. I think it relaxed him. Also, when he was dying, he would seem to get delusional and talk about being back at that house on Salisbury St. on the bay. My parents had sold that house years and years ago and retired to Florida. Of all the places he had lived, that was the one he talked about going back to, in his deteriorating state of health. We thought it was interesting at the time and figured he really loved it there. My mom still feels guilty that she made them move to Florida for her arthritis she later confessed she believed he never really wanted to move and could have spent the rest of his life there but moved for her sake. . Now I know coincidences happen and it can be easy to link together coincidental occurrences but 2 things happened today, although kind of minor, but seemed timely.
1) A friend and I had been emailing each other and a few minutes after I read your 1st email, my friend emailed back just this comment Those are Sage words of advice." I haven't told anyone about you or our conversation, and I have never heard that expression before that I can remember. I knew Sage sounded familiar so I looked at your email and Sage, of course, is the last name of the titanic people.
2) I've been trying to think of who Tiffany or Simon are. I happened to look at the cover of the book I'm reading and it's by Simon Winchester. My mom got me this book for Xmas, and I've had the suspicion ever since that it's meant to scare me from moving to CA. It's about the earthquake of San Fran in 1906. She denies it of course, but every time I pick it up to read it that thought goes through my mind. My mom has always said that my finding my biological family may not have been so hard, if she had had my father alive to talk to about it. She's been great at acting like she's okay with it, but I know deep down she isn't.
Well, thought I'd pass that on to you.
I'll let you know Friday if you're right about the surgery.
Thanks again

Where: Fort Dodge
Comments: Rebecca is, to me, a true gift from God. She is an amazing person and gave me answers to so many questions in my mind that I had stopped asking myself long ago. If there are any skeptics out there who are reading this, there are things she was telling me that no one, I mean no one could know. Rebecca thanks for helping me exhale. You don't know how long I have been holding all of that in. Much love and prayers - Tami

Initials: TG

Where: Fort Dodge
Comments: Rebecca: Thanks for a very accurate and enlightening reading. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a reading and will most definitely be forwarding your information to others that I know have an interest in your field of work!
Also, it was a pleasure meeting you and taking you out to a few places of interest.
We will meet again!

Initials: DLM
What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Where are Chicago, IL - Naperville Really
Comments: The reading you gave me the other night,OUTSTANDING!!!OMG I was Blown Away. I didn't tell you at the time, but you where describing me just as I was in the very moment we where talking. You made total since to me. THANK YOU for using your gift to help me and the those who touch my life! Many blessings to you! Luv & Light D


Comments: Great site Becka,Wish you ,Cyn and I could do it again. Love and Lite, Your old friend Peggy


Where areyou from: Forest Hills, NY
Comments: Had a reading with you a couple of months ago. I found it amazing that you were reading me and my daughters at the same time. Still have some questions, so I'll be in touch soon.


Where are you from: Los Angles, CA
Comments: I have had so many readings but never satisfied.Sometimes i think that there are no real Psychic's exist.Really looking forward to meet the real Psychic some day.


Where are you from: virginia
Comments: Wow - An incredible gal, with an incredible talent. My reading blew me away. So many validations from my husband who has crossed over. When she named the special song we danced to, I couldn't believe it. Move over John Edwards. So grateful....Paula


Where are you from: California


Where are you from: your past....haha
Comments: Hello there, Really really nice website! Let me know about the skin care party so I can let my friends know. Looking forward to it. Donna


Where are you from: currently North Carolina
Comments: I sure would like to have a reading, but I seem hesitant for some reason, I used to go see a lady that read ordinary playing cards, and I have to say she was right on, I do believe this is given from God, and what a gift this must be.

Name: Mtgypsy

Where are you from: Northern Cali. By Lake Tahoe
Comments: Feel kinda silly now..... just drawn to your site. As I was researching other 'Psychic-Reading's' on Ebay. Trying to see what other's price, such a PRICELESS gift! (I dont like the word "psychic") I linked that description in my mind at first as something beyond belief... But, so fast I learned, The self- proclaimed "Famous Psychic" Are merely profiting millions! Off soul-serching victims, like ME! Ive serched my entire life for someone to help guide my path with clear direction...Someone like MYSELF. Ive been gifted with the 'All knowing' ability.(that's MY word for 'psychic') "It Is, What It Is". So simple, So True. My own self doubt,and denial. has kept me stuck. from my true path.... To help other's. In turn to help myself. Grow, learn and my goodness if someone could give me some true insight, maybe my path would be a little brighter! I see, hear, write, smell, channel, or simply give intuition, to save a life.. to find an heirloom. The scariest part is the gu
Do you have any experiences with the paranormal? Yes. You mean the "Normal"
Have you ever had a reading before? Oh Yeah... Never a True Reading..


Name: Carolyn S.

Where are you from: Chicago Suburbs
Comments: Hey Bec, Have never written to you b/4, my sister Jeanne reminded me to drop you a line (she had her reading with you at my house the other nite). The next morning, there was a very strange heaviness around me, I could not escape it even on my way to work (cried the whole drive there)? I don't know what your take is on that, it has happened b/4 but not that strong. It was just a very heavy energy around me, did not feel good.I am always confused about work primarily because of the single parenting nitemare, kids getting sick, no one to help blah blah blah. I have this urge to move again, never content. Write when you can... Carolyn
Name: Heidi K.

Where are you from: Palos Park
Comments: Hi Becky! I glad to hear your back! I hope everything is going well with you. Look forward to another reading soon. Have a Great Day and may all your dreams come true. Love Heidi
Name: Deb

Where are you from: NW ILL
Comments: Every time I have gotten a reading from her. I have had to pass things along to others who were not expecting to hear from someone who has passed away.... they were shocked and relieved .....Thank you Becky for my readings and for coming back to work. The Goodness you Send out Will come back to you ten fold.
Name: April Schrader

Where are you from: Palos
Comments: So glad to have you back. You are such a comfort!

Name: Teri J. Allen

Comments: So happy you are back!
Name: Colleen K

Where are you from: Blue Island
Comments: Hello Rebecca, not sure if you remember me, but you did a couple of reading for me. I'm friends with Stacy Bravo. I can't believe that I found you, I have been trying to get in touch with you. I see that you're not doing parties right know, but when you're ready I would love to have one. Hope all is well with you and your family. Colleen

Name: Donna

Comments: Looks great! Just a few typos tho. Hope you don't mind me saying..... Above: or just leave you thoughts. S/B YOUR Talk to you soon! Donna

Name: Linda

Where are you from: bay area
Comments: found you thru the candle-site :)
Name: Wayne Marter

Where are you from: vinton, IA
Comments: strange web hosting ..cannot mark as favorites.. hard page to come back to.. are you or have you played with the dark side? do i know you from another life?